Feather Tech is a Colorado based company created to offer the very best in ultra high performance, state of the art titanium tubing and owned by da Vinci Designs Inc.

With the recent plethora of composite and hybrid aluminum / carbon frames, it has become necessary to take titanium to the next level to “compete.” After all, you wouldn’t think of building custom frame with straight gauge steel or aluminum tubing. Feather Tech offers custom profile Titanium that is essentially “butted”, only much better (read why later) putting titanium back on top for your custom frame material choice.

Feather Tech considered conventional mandrel butting technology, but ultimately developed proprietary Custom Profiling methods to achieve more precise results and greater design flexibility.

It is important to point out that Custom Profiling is also distinctly different than cold working, shaping, or swaging tubing. These methods simply shape the tube, keeping the wall thickness the same, and saving absolutely no weight. Custom Profiling actually removes material from the tube in the lesser stressed areas, offering true weight savings.

It is also very important to point out that oversize (OS) tubing is very necessary in the performance equation. Custom Profiling significantly reduces the tube weight while the OS tubing adds the resistance to flex and twisting. This combination truly offers the best of both worlds resulting in lighter weight and higher performance.

FeatherTech sources titanium from the very best, premium mills worldwide. The mills we use must first pass stringent independent lab tests. This is not as easy as it may sound. Next the mill must be capable of producing large diameter thinwall tubing. Searching the globe has only turned up a few mills capable of producing our 2 inch O.D. tubing (used in Tandem bicycles) that can meet our tolerance and specification.